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Shijiazhuang Branch

Hebei Gaoke Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Branch is a new member under the command of Hebei Hi-Tech, is designed to ground source heat pump and central air-conditioning planning and design, system optimization, product development, equipment distribution, project implementation, inspection, maintenance, operation Hosted in a professional integrated enterprise, in other hot and cold systems planning and construction and the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy is also quite powerful.
Company employees more than 100 people, of whom, two professors level senior engineer, high and mid-level engineering and technical personnel more than 20, 8 registered construction division, a national energy management division, 2 professional ground source heat pump designer. With the national mechanical and electrical equipment installation professional three qualifications.
Over the past few years since its founding, the staff of our company has set a goal of "developing high-tech environment protection and cultivating green ideals" and "owning a sustainable world with ground source heat pump technology". Based on the professors' professional design team and professional construction Strength and skilled technical ability, well-designed, meticulously constructed, well-maintained, and completed a total of 2.6 million ㎡ of groundwater (water) source heat pump project, created a number of successful engineering cases and created a dedicated and dedicated team of professionals who accumulated Rich operational experience, and achieved good economic and social benefits for the Beijing-Hebei region made outstanding contributions to energy-saving emission reduction.